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Solar Solutions

Pool accessories and equipment

Chris Keyser Solar solutions is a distributor and installer of the following pool accessories and equipment:

Pool Pumps, Sand Filters and Chlorinators

We supply and install Quality and Speck Swimming pool Pumps available in 0.2kw, 0.45kw, 0.6kw, 0.75kw, 1.1kw and 1.5kw sizes. We also supply and fit Swimming pool Sand-filters from Quality and Speck, available in 2-bag, 3-bag, 4-gab, 5-bag, 6-bag and 7-bag.

Do you want to swim in healthy, natural, clean and clear water Convert your swimming pool to a saltwater pool and save money by eliminating the use of harmful pool chemicals. Let us fit a Clearwater Chlorinator to your pool.

Solar Pool Covers, Safety Covers and Pool Nets:

The benefits of having a solar pool cover fitted, includes:

  1. It will raise the temperature of your pool with a few degrees,
  2. It will contain the heat in your pool, thus achieving higher temperatures with your heating system.
  3. Keeps your pool clean from leafs, dirt, etc.
  4. Less water loss through evaporation.
  5. Easy to put on and remove.
  6. Works with your pool cleaner.

Aquaheat Heatpumps:

Do you want to swim all year long With the Aquaheat Heatpump range you can. You set your heatpump to a desired temperature and enjoy swimming in that temperature throughout the year. No long pipe runs and roof installations. This unit looks like an air conditioning unit and is extremely quiet. Unlike other electric water heaters, Aquaheat heatpumps works with a compressor, which means low electricity consumption. Join satisfied customers like Jacques Kallis and Mark Boucher.

For more questions or a personalized quotation please fill in our online quotation form and we will get in touch with you within the same day.